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“Abide in the Ship” by Travis Bryan III

October 26, 2011 todd tomasella The CrossTravis Bryan III


“Except these abide in the ship, ye cannot be saved.” Acts 27:31

Read Acts 27:27–44. The story of the ship in this passage, although literally true, is also a figure or type of the story of the church and its doctrines of election and predestination. It is a picture of the church (the great ship) on its way to heaven. The ship is CHOSEN by God to be His very own vessel. Christ is the Captain and Pilot of this ship. All who desire to be part of this elect ship and its Captain can do so through a living faith in Christ, by which they come on board the ship. As long as they are on the ship, in company with the ship’s Captain, they are among the elect. If they choose to abandon the ship and Captain, they cease to be part of the elect. Election is always only in union with the Captain and His ship.

Predestination tells us about the ship’s destination and what God has prepared for those remaining on it. God invites everyone to come aboard the elect ship through faith in Jesus Christ. Predestination, like election, APPLIES TO THE CORPORATE BODY OF CHRIST (the true spiritual church), and recognizes individuals only in association with that body through a living faith in Jesus Christ. EXCEPT THESE ABIDE IN THE SHIP YE CANNOT BE SAVED.

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