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Grumpy Old Man Reached! by Travis Bryan III

November 3, 2011 todd tomasella Merciful SaviorTravis Bryan III


About a year ago an old man next to me on an exercise bike jumped on me for accidentally spraying some antiseptic spray in his direction.  I was cleaning sweat off my bike after riding.  He was real ugly about it.  I reacted and said, “You could be a little nicer.” I reacted negatively to his ugliness.

We didn’t speak to each other after that.  A year of riding next to him went by.  Not a word.  Cold!  David Barron, who is there working out with us, named him “the Grumpy Old Man” (GOM).

As i sat down to ride the other day, another rider advised me my bike was broken.  So I moved to another bike and had been riding about 5 minutes when GOP came in and sat down on the broken bike.  The Lord spoke in my heart inaudibly, “Deny your self and let him have your bike.”  My flesh immediately argued, “No, he was ugly to me and he doesn’t deserve my bike.  Plus I need to get through riding so i can get home and be ready for guests before the Aggie game.  I don’t have time to get off and let him ride my bike.  I need the exercise so i can be healthy.”. God thru my spirit again whispered, “Die to self, get up and let him have it.” I (my self-life) again argued back, “He is so rude i am justified in continuing.  I don’t need to get off.”

The GOM was very disgruntled as he got off the broken bike and picked up his cane.  The Lord again gently implored me, “let him have your bike.” So i finally YIELDED to the Spirit and offered my bike to him.  He didn’t even thank me.  He just grunted, got on and started peddling.  I went over and got on a treadmill.

After a while the second rider finished so i got on his bike next to GOM.

When we die to self, God moves the hearts of people around us.  In just a minute i felt the GOP’s hand on my arm.  I looked and saw a miracle.  He kindly began thanking me and began to pour out some sadness he had recently had in his life as well as telling me his diabetes had been flaring up.  We went on to have the greatest 15 minute conversation and became friends after introducing ourselves.

Our relationship was transformed thru the cross and resurrection of Christ.  I was just willing finally to yield and participate.  The way to live the Christian life is no longer by law.  Law says “eye for eye.”  Grace says “die.” This is a wholly different kind of economy.

Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.  Rom 12:14.  This is the way of the cross.

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